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Slip and Fall

Slip-Trip and Fall Accidents Can Result in Disabling, Long-Term Injuries

When an accident occurs on another party's property and is the result of the property owner's negligence, the personal injury case is referred to as a premises liability case. SLIP-TRIP AND FALL ACCIDENTS are the most common types of premises liability claims.


Property owners, property managers, landlords and others who are in control of property and in charge of property maintenance have a duty to keep their properties in safe repair. They also have a duty to warn customers, visitors and other individuals of potential dangers. When a property owner fails to provide notice of a dangerous or defective property condition or potential hazard, innocent people can slip-trip and fall, becoming seriously injured and the injured person has the right to seek compensation for his or her losses.


When a property owner is negligent and you sustain injuries in a slip or trip and fall accident, ROBERT J. COSENTINO has the skills, experience and resources to help you pursue your claim and recover the maximum compensation for your injuries.

  • Slippery or Wet Floors

  • Dropped Food or Produce

  • Highly Polished Floors

  • Slippery Cleaning Products

  • Vacuum Cords

  • Wet, Smooth Concrete or Tiles Around Pools

  • Wet Painted Concrete at Theme Parks

  • Cracked or Uneven Sidewalks or Walkways

  • Tree Roots or Leaves in Walkways

  • Broken, Missing or Uneven Steps or Stairs

  • Steep or Dangerous Ramps

ROBERT J. COSENTINO has 35 years of extensive experience helping injured slip-trip and fall victims throughout Rhode Island.

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Slip-Trip and Fall Accidents can be caused by almost any dangerous or defective property conditions, from unsafe stairwells to unsafe sidewalks, torn carpeting to slippery pool tiles, and other dangers, including but not limited to the following:

  • Loose or Missing Handrails

  • Hangers, Cloths, Boxes or Debris on Floors in Stores

  • Broken, Crooked, Missing or Dangerous Parking Bumpers

  • Potholes and Uncovered Holes

  • Loose, Torn or Buckling Carpeting

  • Spilled Oil on Driveways or in Parking Lots

  • Loose Electrical Wiring

  • Accumulated Snow & Ice on Sidewalks and Walkways

  • Broken, Missing or Uneven Steps or Stairs

  • Inadequate Lighting in a Parking Lot

WITH 35 YEARS of personal injury experience serving individuals and families throughout Rhode Island, ROBERT J. COSENTINO provides successful and established legal representation.

When a dangerous or defective property condition causes you to suffer injuries, these injuries often result in costly medical bills, lost wages from missing work, and significant pain and suffering. Severe fall injuries may cause ongoing pain, a permanent disability or the loss of a loved one.


If you have been injured in a slip-trip and fall accident, CALL ROBERT J. COSENTINO AT (401) 421-1170 to recover the maximum compensation on your behalf and hold negligent property owners accountable. CALL ROBERT J. COSENTINO at (401) 421-1170 for a free confidential initial consultation.